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About our founder

Francisco Alberto Caamaño Tawil

Francisco Caamaño is a lawyer specializing in entertainment and arts law, whose talent and experience in the industry can be successfully promoted through creative strategies. One of the ideas is to highlight his experience as an artist and manager of musical bands such as "Ultima Bengala" and "Bocatabu". This highlights his firsthand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities in the music industry and how  he can help his clients from a legal approach.

Another idea is to highlight his role in the creation of the Dominican Republic's Film Law and his involvement in entertainment industry investments such as PineWood Studios and Cartoon Network.

Finally, his role as a professor in subjects such as Music Business, Legal Aspects of Entertainment Industry and Digital Marketing at renowned universities demonstrates his commitment to sharing knowledge and helping the community better understand the challenges and opportunities in the entertainment industry. In conclusion, Francisco Caamaño is a highly experienced lawyer and his creative approach to entertainment law makes him a great choice for artists and companies looking to take full advantage of opportunities in the creative industry.

16 years of experience

"I have learned that dedication and discipline forges the character of an artist, understanding that it is not a race of speed but of endurance."

Meaning of success

"Success is nothing more than the happiness of seeing ourselves in the place that makes us feel proud of ourselves. That self-love of the action performed, of what we have learned, and of that pat we give ourselves when we see the path we have traveled".


It is the first legal and business consulting firm specialized in the entertainment industry. With more than 15 years of experience and under the vision of Francisco Caamaño, provides negotiation services, contracts, best practices and ways of capitalization of artistic products in any line of art. Musician and lawyer, Francisco from the experience lived collaborates with artists of renown like Eddy Herrera, Hermanos Rosario, El Alfa, Chimbala, among others, as well as with Digital Distribution Labels such as Altafonte, Symphonics and OneRPM.

In the cinematographic industry, I work in the creation team of law 108-10 and we have provided services to national and international audiovisual works in the legal field, music supervision, and synchronization licenses. The initiative using social networks as a tool, is an educational project in which details, tips, and information relevant to the industry are published to provide knowledge to those interested in the entertainment business and its forms of capitalization.

FCT Law is committed to an emerging, creative and continuously evolving society, with the capacity to face new challenges and the national and international development of our entertainment industry.

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