Committed to a Creative and Artistic Society
Emerging and continuously evolving

Committed to a creative, artistic, and emerging society in continuous evolution.

Av. Gustavo Mejía Ricart #53. Naco. Santo Domingo, DN

(829) 637-2273

Our Services


We provide legal advice on all commercial aspects of the Entertainment Industry.

Contracts Negotiation

We look after your interests by seeking the best opportunities for you.


We design, negotiate and advise you with specialized industry contracts. We guarantee your individual interests.

Project capitalization

We look for opportunities to capitalize on your projects, and manage advances, licenses, and construction sales.

Music Sync Licensing

We manage the necessary licenses for the use of music in audiovisual projects.

Permission Management

We take care of obtaining permits for the development of events, use of intellectual property and establishment of commercial premises.

Split Sheet

We organize and create the necessary documentation for the commercialization of your artistic project such as:
Split Sheets ,Producers Agreements,Side Artist Agreements, Releases, etc

Your art is life for us and our experience is your advantage.

Market leaders




Successful Deals


Of Efficiency

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